Hello, Hola! My name is Monica and I am a Colombian living in Leeds, England with my husband and our son. I come from a family of artists and spent a lot of afternoons in my childhood, sitting next to the women in my family (my aunties, my mother, my sister)  watching them work and create beautiful things.  It was my grandmother Clara who taught me the art of paper flowers. I would sit on a little stool next to her desk in her studio and help her fold petals and I too fell in love with it.


I believe the world is always better when you have flowers around. A paper flower can last for years and I want to create treasures that people can cherish for a long time.

Why Ita Lillywhite?

Ita Lillywhite is my artist name and I want to tell you why I chose it.

Ita (pronounced ee-ta) Was my great-grandmother, a very interesting woman who grew and bred orchids which attracted visitors from all over the world, she also was a painter and the source of my family’s artistic genes. Her name represents my Colombian self, the artist who grew up surrounded by nature, by colour and by the nurturing and wonderfully talented women in my family.

Lillywhite might seem a little more familiar to some. Lovestruck more than a decade ago and I found myself making a life in the land of beautiful gardens and tradition. My life in the UK revolves around my new family and my two little Lillywhite loves. I did not change my name officially when I got married, so this is my homage to the beautiful name of my extended family.

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